Oliver Barker Set To Begin A New Mission On Discovering The Salary Of Nana Addo’s Top Appointee

The lead convener of the Fix The Country Movement, Oliver Barker Vorwamor, has begun a latest mission and this mission is to expose a top appointee of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo, Eugene Arhin, who is the Director of Communication at the Presidency. It will be recalled that a large “scandal” was revealed about the wealth of Eugene Arhin. The scandal was about the rate and speed with which Eugene Arhin amassed his wealth in a short period of time. This was revealed when the wife was seeking for a divorce from him.

Out of the blue, Oliver Barker has decided to write to the Office of the Presidency, using the Right To Information Act which was recently approved, to demand from the President, the exact salary of his Director of Communication, Eugene Arhin. So far as Eugene Arhin is paid with the taxpayer’s money and the nation’s resources, Oliver Barker is at full liberty to ask for the amount that Eugene Arhin takes each month as salary or remuneration.

The interesting aspect is that, Oliver Barker asked interested people to join him seek for accountability. He described this request as a “democracy of accountability”

“Who wants to join the Right To Information request we are drafting to the President to ask for Eugene Arhin’s salary?

I love democratizing accountability”, he wrote.

There are two sides to the recent move of Oliver Barker. Let us face reality, there is a low probability that the Office of the Presidency will provide or respond to the request of Oliver Barker. This is because, the person Oliver Barker wants to investigate on is the one who will respond to Oliver Barker in letter in his capacity as the Director of Communication at the Presidency.

The other side is that, though the response might come, but with less certainty, nothing will change when he gets to know of his salary. Eugene Arhin’s salary will not change neither will NPP members change their mind of voting for the party in 2024.