What God Told Me Will Happen Between The End Of April And June – Apostle Johnson Suleman Reveals


Popular man of God, Apostle Johnson Suleman has revealed what God told him he will do for the world from the month of April to June. Apostle Suleiman said has revealed what God will do for the world in the next two months, saying He God told him he will release “unprecedented wealth the world has never seen before” that will last for 60 days.

He said, “God told me while I was praying that He would release uncommon wealth among His people. It will happen between April and June, and will last for 60 days. People who have been ‘stranded’ financially will be catapulted to breakthroughs.

He said poor people will become, economies will grown, people struggling financially will be catapulted into Wealth. He asks people to prepare their priorities as many will be lifted into greatness, immediate success will locate many financial upliftment, financial break through and uncommon wealth the world has ever seen will be released to many. 

He said God told him, he hears God said he will release uncommon wealth into the world, wealth the world has never had, the kind of money the world never seen, new shift is comingmany poor people will become wealth. He said don’t be surprised when you see a poor person suddenly become rich. 

Here’s link to the video and you can share your opinion and views with us. If you are ready for this uncommon wealth type I receive it and Amen.

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