No official statement from Osu Mantse


The Osu Stool is assessing and discussing the issues relating to the Achimota Forest and will come out with an official statement soon.

A statement copied to the Ghana News Agency and jointly signed by Nuumo Noi Osikan III, Osu Klottey Wukomo, Nii Saban Atsen VII, Osu Kinkawe Dzaasetse and Nii Nortey II, Osu Ashinte Dzaasetse urged the public to disregard earlier statements attributed to the Osu stool.

The Osu Stool has not authorised Osu Kinkawe Oshiahene, Nii Nortey Adumuah IV to speak on the issue and has also not made Nii O.T. Ankrah the spokesperson for the Osu Stool.

It said the newly installed Osu Mantse, Teteete Nii Nortey Owuo IV and other accredited leaders of Osu have not made any official statement on the issue.

The statement, mentioned Osu Klottey Wulomo Nuumo Noi Osikan III, Osu Kinkawe Dzaasetse Nii Saban Atsen VII and Osu Ashinte Dzaasetse Nii Nortey Otututse II as the authorised persons with the mandate to make any statement on the matter.

“These persons are all gazetted chiefs per the laws of our land and have the mandate to make public statements on Osu Stool issues”, the statement added.


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