Senior Lecturer Finally Reveals Free SHS Products Are Failing At The University Level, Read Details


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A popular senior lecturer at the University of Ghana, Sociology Department, Dr. Obed Simpson has boldly revealed that the products from the government’s flagship program, Free SHS are failing woefully at the University leave. He revealed why he’s saying that.

While speaking on TV XYZ in Accra, Dr. Obed revealed that the Akufo-Addo has badly managed the education sector at the secondary level, especially with free shs. He revealed that most of the senior high schools still have infrastructure deficits and a whole lot of problems.

” The truth is that most of the Senior High Schools are still suffering from infrastructure, books, and other things but they can’t talk because of fear of victimization. Because of the problems, these students go through at the Senior high level as a result of the free SHS, products of the program are failing woefully at the university level and that’s the fact. The Free SHS has hugely affected the quality of our education system and it’s sad.” He boldly revealed this on TV XYZ.

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Thanks for reading this article. Do you think that the Senior Lecturer is saying a statement of truth??

Are there still problems and challenges associated with free SHS even after 5 years??

Do you believe that this lecturer is just a member of the NDC and that is the reason why he’s making claims like this??

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