Four Unrealistic Expectations Girls Have About Guys When It Comes To Dating


Below are four Unrealistic expectations most ladies have about men or guys when it comes to dating:

1. Expecting to be able to strike a deal whereby the man will not only agree to take principal responsibility for providing, but also even though he works a more exhausting job and more hours, take on at least 50% of the chores or preferably more. And then also devote time to support the woman in whatever she’s doing, without expecting support or otherwise claiming her time in return. Men are not idiots. And men who are idiots or doormats will not be satisfying to you, women, sorry, we already know this. Next, there is a contradiction in expecting men to be smart enough to make big money but dumb enough to take extremely lopsided deals.

2. Expecting the man to support the woman but never ask for, or receive, support from her in return deserves its own bullet. What else? Expecting the man to make big money notably just because he’s a man and men should but also have tons of free time. Keep on dreaming.

3. More and more girls thinking they can let go of their appearance but still expect 6-pack guys and naturally handsome guys. Yeah, right. Unlikely, especially if those guys also have an advantage in education, income, social status and just about anything else. Women expecting to date only alphas. Alphas, depending on the definition, are anywhere from 1% to 10% of the population.

4. Expecting not only unrealistic levels of ‘manhood’ (quotation marks because of how debatable the definition), but outright caricature maleness. Makes you think of huge furs, huge clubs, exaggerated tough talk, stuff like that. These sort of primitive expectations even come from very educated women. This is saddening.

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