Sad: Woman Allegedly Dies After A Car Reversed Backward, See How It Happened [Video]


Many people have expressed their views on the situation on our roads. Sometimes many people lost their life due to our bad roads. Well, the government is also doing its best in terms of developing the nation but many people wish the government needs to apply more effort when it come to roads development.

Drivers must also ensures that they frequently check if everything is okay with their cars before they use it on the roads.

Recently, you would agree with me that many properties have been destroyed due to the heavy rainfall. The country needs a proper drainage system to so that when it rains the water can get a space.

According to a sad video on social media, a car setback after finding it difficult for move forward and allegedly killed a woman. It is believed that this sad incident happened at Kwabre East Municipal, Mamponteng. Looking at the video, you could see that the car reversed due to the bad road conditions and the driver failure to proper check his car well.

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