Drunk Gospel Musician,Joyce Blessing, Caught Confessing Her Love For New Lover After Breakup-WATCH VIDEO.

Gospel musician, Joyce Blessing is currently in the mud as a video of her boozing and professing her love for a new lover has surfaced on social media.

Joyce Blessing is seen in a video drunk and depressed and confessing her love for her new lover who is reportedly a married man.

According to reports, Joyce Blessing’s new lover has beaten and broken up with her.

The gospel musician is seen drinking a full bottle of red wine and whispering ‘I f#ckv love you’ in her broken-hearted state.

currently, the reason for their breakup is not yet known.

However, Agradaa is already rejoicing over Joyce Blessing’s downfall.

She has disclosed Joyce Blessing didn’t just booze but she also laid on a bed and massaged her b**bs in front of the camera.

It’s sad how all this is happening to Joyce Blessing!

You recall her marriage collapsed recently over alleged cheating and some DNA issues. This is very embarrassing!

Watch the video below;