Excessive partisanship stands to cripple Ghana’s 4th Republic – Speaker Alban Bagbin

The Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin, says excessive partisanship stands to cripple the 4th Republic if care is not taken.

He said the current 8th Parliament, due to its composition, gives Parliament the golden opportunity to be as independent as it can be.

Addressing the third in a series of Eminent Guests lectures at the UPSA Law school, Mr. Bagbin said, “many Ghanaians are gradually losing faith in the power and promise of democracy to make their lives better”.

”It, therefore, behooves Parliament to guarantee the development needs of the people, Safeguard their civil liberties, and Protect and preserve the very fabric of their society,” Speaker Bagbin posited.

The UPSA Law School has sought to broaden the horizon of its students through engagement with eminent personalities in all facets of social life.

Speaking as its third lecturer on the future of Parliament in Ghana’s democratic governance, Speaker Alban Bagbin said by virtue of the Constitution, the Executive has a lot to say in political appointments in the country.

He said the notion of majoritarianism must be erased.

On the issue of emoluments for MPs, he said contrary to popular opinion, MPs rarely benefit from ex-gratia.

Mr. Bagbin made a case for a review of the Constitution to ensure key influencers in society get to Parliament to ensure true representation.

He also noted that the current dispensation most times leaves MPs in a fix.

The Dean of the UPSA Law School, Professor Kofi Abotsi presented a plaque to the Speaker for his contribution to the development of democracy in Ghana.