God doesn’t want a Cathedral built by stealing poor people’s resources – Kofi Bentil

Vice President of Policy think tank Imani Africa Kofi Bentil has chastised the Akufo-Addo-led government for engaging in lies and deception with respect to building the National Cathedral, accusing it of stealing poor people’s resources to fund the project.

For him, God, for Whom, the Cathedral is being built, does not need the building because he inhabits the whole Universe and no amount of “twisted logic” can justify the use of public funds to build the cathedral.

He further accused the Government of seeking to enrich its family and friends through the project.

“National Cathedral… A building for God?

Repugnant Idea even for devout Christians!
Christians always build our churches without looting scarce state funds!!! indeed the church helped the State! not take from it!

The project started on lies that it will NOT use state funds, then what did we see? The state demolished millions of Dollars worth of perfectly fine buildings!! is that not the use of State resources? after that, it’s been a series of terrible things! around a building for GOD?
Bad start, Bad process, Bad progress, taking state funds, bad communication, endless controversies!!

I am fortified in my assurance that Jehovah God whom we serve doesn’t want this building !! he occupies the whole Universe and spoke to Moses in the wilderness!

No amount of twisted logic around religion and baseless ideas of national righteousness can sanitize the stealing of poor people’s money to fulfill a promise to your god! and build a sick monument to yourself on the backs of poor people whilst enriching friends and family. stop it!!” He lamented.

The building of the National Cathedral has continued to stoke controversy after revelations that the Government has so far spent GHC200 million on it. The allocation for it received no Parliamentary approval as required by law.