Residents of Assin Juaben having sex, smoking wee in abandoned police post

A police post left to rot in the bush at Assin Juaben in the Central Region is being used by the residents as a brothel to have sexual activities because police personnel deployed there have declined to turn up at that duty post.

The police post which was commissioned by former President John Dramani Mahama on the 29th of November 2016 has not been utilized for some time now.

Report gathered by Kasapa News Yaw Boagyan indicates that the police post was used by the police personnel for some time after the commissioning but was later abandoned.

A visit to the place saw the pavement and surrounding of the police post invaded by weeds.

Information gathered from the residents revealed that people from and around the Assin Juaben Community have sex in the police post as the rooms are always open.

Drug addicts have also made it their safe haven to smoke marijuana and cigarettes anytime police officers are absent from work.

Residents in an interview said formally they used to see police personnel including community police officers at the Post but they have stopped coming to work.

They believe if police personnel were reporting to duty at the police post, their presence would have helped reduce armed robbery attacks on the Assin Fosu to Assin Yamoransa.

Some suggested that the abandoned police post should be converted into another facility such as a Community Library for it to be utilized than for it to be left to rot.

“We always see the police station open without any officers there working, so we sometimes go to Nyankomase Ahenkro, Assin Darman, and Abura Dunkwa to lodge a complaint whenever we have an issue because police personnel at the Assin Juaben are not punctual.”

They are therefore calling on the Inspector General of Police to transfer them and bring in different police officers who will be punctual at work.