Climate change not responsible for flooding in Accra – Meteorologist

A meteorologist with the Marine and Upstream Unit of the Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMeT), Thomas Biney, has refuted claims that the perennial flooding in Accra results from climate change.

According to Mr. Biney, the flooding situation in the region should be blamed on the activities of the citizenry.

Buttressing his point, he said ordinarily, Accra should not be experiencing floods based on the elevation of the land, despite the worldwide challenge of climate change.

The land of Accra is 67 metres high, and its rain record on June 3, 2022, stood at 64.8 millilitres, whereas Akatsi, with a 54-metre elevation above sea level, recorded rains at 137.4 millilitres the same day but did not record flash floods.

However, the level of damage caused as a result of the rains in Accra is immeasurable as compared to Akatsi.

“In the recent rains, the highest figures we recorded from our outfits is 19.6 millilitres. But looking at the flooding situation which occurred in Accra. On the West Coast, we know that it rains more there than on the eastern coast. That same day, Elubo recorded 174.5 millilitres. Elubo is 14.7 metres, way below sea level.

“So in such a situation, do you blame it on the Meteorological agency for not forecasting…” he quizzed on Angel FM’s morning show, Monday, June 13, 2022.

Mr. Biney was responding to the cause of the flooding in the region, whether it was attributable to climate change or the activities of the citizenry.

His comments corroborate the government’s position and continuous warnings to the public to desist from engaging in activities that make the environment prone to floods.

It would be recalled that President Akufo-Addo, during the commissioning of Dredge Masters IHC beaver 50 dredger and marine equipment on Wednesday, May 25, 2022, sanctioned the removal of all structures impeding the free flow of water in waterways.

This came on the back of the flooding situation, especially in Accra and Kumasi.

“Metropolitan, Municipal, District Chief Executives have been charged to ensure that the obstructions to the free flow of water as well as developments along waterways are removed immediately”, the president indicated at the ceremony.

He said, as the president of the republic, “I will not allow the selfish acts of the few to jeopardize the collective futures of the rest of us”.

“While the government does its part, we cannot overlook the negative effects of dumping of refuse into open drains by some unpatriotic citizens.”