I Have Bought It To An End-Kelvin Taylor Brags To His Audience About His Action Against Government-CHECK DETAILS.

Kelvin Taylor in his live session with his followers or fans has revealed that he has contributed enormously to ensuring that Ghana is not ruined and everyone should I take advantage of that. Kelvin Taylor says that people in this government sometimes assume that here are no wars nor eyes looking at what they’re doing or seeing it and what is why they do whatever their hearts pleases. But he is watching.

Kelvin Taylor alleged that due to these small discussions online which people do not regard because they think it’s merely about criticisms, there have been some changes and he is happy to be a part of it if even it will cost him money or time.

I told you I will bring their agenda to an end and I have brought them to an end, they have nothing else to do- he said this to mock government and the likes of Kennedy Agyapong. He claims most of government agenda have been destroyed because of him and his fans who are ready to speak up for the majority of Ghanaians who do not have the privilege to voice out.