Wednesday Rains: Avoid low-lying and flood-prone areas- Police warns

The Ghana Police Administration has alerted the public, especially commuters and motorists, to avoid low-lying and flood-prone areas after Wednesday’s rain.

Accra and its surrounding enclaves experienced a heavy downpour which resulted in floods in some areas.

Alerting the public after the rains, the Police said it had deployed patrol teams to ensure the safety of all.

Meanwhile, it gave out contacts so that people who needed assistance could call.

“Anyone in an emergency due to the weather should contact the Police Emergency numbers 18555, 191, or 112 for assistance,” the police stated.

A Senior Meteorologist at the Marine Unit of the Ghana Meteorological Agency, Mr. Adom Derkye, has hinted that Ghana will continue to experience rainfall till November 2022.

According to him, in August, the rains will reduce but rise in September and then end in November.

Accra has experienced massive floods over the weeks due to heavy downpours.

This has alarmed some affected persons, whose prayer is to see the rains end as soon as possible.

But speaking on Atinka TV’s morning show, Ghana Nie with Ekourba Gyasi Simpremu, Mr. Adom Derkye explained, “The rains will stop by ending or middle of August for those in the Southern Part but for those in the North, they will experience the rains till November.”

He said the country is expected to experience the heaviest rainfall in June, and then it will start declining in July.

Meanwhile, he said the floods are not mostly caused by the rains but by the nature of the lands in the southern part, coupled with human activities.

He explained that sometimes, it rains heavier in the other regions, including some villages, but they do not experience floods.

Mr. Adom Derkye also hinted that the Southern part of Ghana is expected to experience heavy rainfall in the middle of the week.