Kelvin Taylor Angrily Fires Popular NDC Station Presenter; Shocking Details Dropped-CHECK.

Do you sincerely think Gabby’s radio station or any media house affiliated to the NPP will do any story like this granted it’s even true? It is only the NDC who is always bent on pleasing the NPP.

Kelvin Taylor vented his rage at the media house for.obvious reasons since over the years, he had stuck his neck out to help the NDC win power only to see that NDC themselves are not ready for power.

On that note, the question that comes to mind is this, is the recently appointed General Manager of Power FM doing his work diligently. This question needs to be asked since it is under his watch that such publication was made. Based on that publication, one will wonder if Power FM wants to present itself to the people of Ghana as a media house that is gradually translating into the various neutral platforms in the country. Perhaps, that is the new vision, the General Manager has brought to the table.

Source: Gentle Blogger