Detailed breakdown of works executed on National Cathedral site so far

The construction of the National Cathedral project continues to spilt heads over whether or not it is necessary.

While the debate is still raging on, a cross-section of Ghanaians who are against the project contends that the government should focus on other needs including solving the perennial Accra flooding situation as well as tackling the recent economic downturn.

Those in support of the project including President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo have since the announcement of the initiative rebutted that the National Cathedral is a “priority of priorities” which will generate additional income for the country through tourism upon its completion.

What seems to incense the public, however, is the state funding of the project considered to be the president’s promise to God for winning the 2016 election.

According to North Tongu MP, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, nearly GH₵200 million of the taxpayers’ money has so far been blown on the project.

Amid the argument for and against the project, GhanaWeb brings you a breakdown of works executed on the construction site as provided by the National Cathedral Secretariat.

See list below:

– The NCG [National Cathedral of Ghana] site establishment is completed – 5 cranes were purchased and delivered to the site, 3 cranes have been installed to date, a concrete batching plant has been set up in East Gardens, a Rebar cut and bending yard have been set up, offices, staff canteen, wash and Toilet blocks, warehouses, storages, laydown areas, etc have been set up. Further establishments items like management, site staff, security, technical equipment and machinery, and generators. Tools, etc have been provided by the contractor

– Area of about 70,000 m2 has been cleared

– About 120 trees within the construction perimeter have been retained

– Existing Services on-site (Electricity, water, sewage and telecommunication) have been relocated

– About 230,000 m3 have been excavated and removed from the site

– About 1, 400 m3 of concrete has been laid so far

– About 1,900 Rebar have been purchased and delivered to the site

– About 220 Rebar have been installed to date

– About 10,000 m2 of waterproofing material has been purchased and started to be installed