Ghanaians Are Running To Zimbabwe To Cut Off Their Thumbs For Money – Man Alleges

A man nicknamed Tino has dropped a wild allegation about Ghanaians and a Member of Parliament (MP) but was not able to disclose the MP’s name.

Tino alleged that most Ghanaians are running to Zimbabwe to cut off their thumbs for money and cars.

Tino said the Ghanaians started immediately after they heard that people in Zimbabwe sell their toes for money.

Tino went ahead to reveal what shocks him after hearing Ghanaians’ allegation and according to him, a member of Parliament is also going to Zimbabwe to also cut off his thumb for money and cars.

This is a serious allegation and the host interviewing Tino did not believe it but Tino said he met the member of Parliament at the airport on his way to board a flight and the people around the area were leveling the allegation against him.

For more information from Tino, kindly watch the video below