Greece to Germany: I slept in the forest for three months, arrested and stripped having nothing on– Ghanaian lady

Germany-based Ghanaian, Nana Konadu, has shared her cross-country journey from Turkey through Greece to Germany on foot.

Nana Konadu revealed in an interview on Daily Hustle Worldwide that she slept in a forest for three months with other Africans on their way to Germany from Greece.

According to her, travel agents told her she would make a transit from Turkey to Germany. However, it was a journey across several countries through forests and boat trips. Konadu mentioned that she stayed in Greece for three years, working to pay her way through to Germany.

“Even while I stayed in Greece, my final destination was Germany, and I did everything to get out of Greece. I tried several ways to enter Germany by flight, but I was arrested twice.

“Then I decided to go by road. I slept in the forest for three months before arriving in Germany. It was during the Syrian war, and they passed through Greece to Germany, and people joined them,” she told DJ Nyaami.

Konadu stated that all they carried along was water, bread and some biscuits as long as they were well dressed. According to her, they could walk for six hours crossing borders.

“To avoid the police during the mornings, the agent would find a deep forest for us to lay low until the evening. When we got to Serbia, we gave ourselves up to the police, and they stripped us naked to search for weapons, etc.,” she added.

In her three-month journey to Germany, Nana Konadu indicated that she only bathed once in Serbia when they were taken to a refugee camp.