I got married out of loneliness, I didn’t love him – UK-based Ghanaian

UK-based Ghanaian, Hilda Essel has stated that loneliness and naivety were some reasons she married a man she did not love him truly.

According to Hilda, her morals as a Christian taught her to date a man who believed in sex after marriage. That is the only thing she looked out for in a man. However, she discovered that there was more to marriage than she thought.

Speaking on SVTV Africa, Hilda mentioned that she lacked counsel on marriage and had no experience in dating relationships.

“As at 27 years, I was a virgin with no experience in dating, and we met at the church too. I wanted a Christian man and someone who would not have sex until marriage. I thought a man who believed in that loved me, but I later understood that I was in an emotionally abusive relationship.”

Hilda mentioned that she stayed in the marriage and sought counselling, but the situation remained the same. She added that their marriage lacked a good foundation.

“We were married for a while, but it was a difficult time. I relocated to Ghana for about a year and back to the UK. I felt very guilty as a Christian woman and came back to him, but it got worse. Eventually, I left with the kids and relocated to this place,” she disclosed.

The mother of three indicated that she is not in constant communication with her ex-husband, but she still maintains some respect for him as the father of her kids.