JUST IN: Other N@ked Videos Joyce Blessing Sent to Her Boyfriend Kwame Pop Up?

Aside from the recent disturbing videos of Joyce Blessing that have become the talk of town on social media, other naked videos of her are said to be in possession of people closer to her.

From what we have gathered, not only did the gospel musician send her embarrassing drunken video to Kwame her alleged boyfriend but she also sent her naked videos.

Nana Agraada has first said that she has all those videos at her disposal and she has warned that if Joyce Blessing and her management release any statement again, she will drop those videos to bring more shame to the musician and her entire family

Meanwhile, an admin of a secret group Telegram group has vowed to release the naked videos Joyce sent to Kwame on June 21, 2022.

Well, we cannot tell the kind of wind blowing around Joyce Blessing’s camp but I know for sure that we will come to the root of this.


Source: GHSplash.com