Police exhume body of man found in a shallow grave

Pupils and teachers of T.I. Amass Junior High School in the Wa Municipality of the Upper West region have been left in shock after they discovered a man buried in a shallow grave at the backyard of the school.

The deceased was found by a pupil of the school while on his way to observe his afternoon Islamic prayer.

Narrating the incident, Ilyasu said he had gone to urinate to enable him perform ablution for prayers when he noticed a section of the land which seemed to had been weeded with fresh weeds spread over the surface unlike the rest of the land, thereby arousing his curiosity.

“We were about to say our prayers so I went to urinate in order to perform my ablution. All of a sudden I saw this small area of the land that seemed to have been weeded but with the weeds on top of it. After stepping on the surface, I realised the area was very soft so I decided to dig the place a bit to see what it was only to find that somebody has been buried there,” Ilyasu recounted.

He alerted the school authorities which led to the reporting of the incident to the Wa Police Command.

The police with the aid of the Municipal Environmental Protection Agency visited the scene and exhumed the body from the shallow grave for investigations.

The remains of the unidentified man said to be in his sixties have been conveyed to the Wa municipal morgue.

The police has launched investigations into the matter to bring the perpetrators to book.