Stop making your office location scary with plenty military officers – Hopeson Adorye ‘tackles’ SP

Ghanaians raise eyebrow over Sir John’s Will following Achimota Forest lands captured in it

Hopeson Adorye vows to take on SP over investigations into Sir John’s Will

SP freezes Sir John’s assets

A leading member of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Hopeson Adorye, has hit hard at the Special Prosecutor, Kissi Agyebeng, over the presence of military officers at his office.

In a Twi-based interview with Asempa FM, Hopeson Adorye stated being one of the first people to visit the Special Prosecutor’s office, he observed the heavy deployment of military officers on the premise.

He further charged the Special Prosecutor to be focused on fighting corruption cases. According to him, the state is not benefiting from his office despite providing adequate funding to run it.

“Special Prosecutor should not make his office scary a scary place as if we have entered Gonja barracks. If you go to his office, the number of soldiers on the premise is not a small thing. When they moved to the office, I was the first person to have sent a petition but he hasn’t even opened it to deal with it.

“Somebody’s Will is being circulated and all of a sudden you say you are investigating while some petitions [including mine] have been on your desk unattended to. Government spends millions in financing the office yearly.

“Show me one corruption case he has prosecuted. Even Martin Amidu’s investigated cases are still on his table,” an incensed Hopeson Adorye said.

On issues relating to the Special Prosecutor’s interest in pursuing the controversy surrounding the late Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie (alias Sir John) Will, he lamented how the Special Prosecutor has for a year, ignored a petition he sent to his office but has jumped straight into action upon a Will being circulated on social media.

He noted that the Special Prosecutor ought not to be involved in the Sir John Will brouhaha as it was a matter of an individual who has acquired wealth and properties and willed it to his relatives and loved ones.

He argued that he would not have had any concerns if, during the lifetime of Sir John, he was found culpable in acts of corruption.

“Somebody has gotten his money and properties and says upon my demise this person should inherit them. Funds allocated to the Office of the Special Prosecutor are not being used to fight corruption.

“People are in this country engaged in corrupt acts, Special Prosecutor must arrest them. Is it somebody’s Will [to concern yourself about]. If the person was alive and found to have engaged in corruption and was being invited, no problem.

“Look at the number of corruption cases we have mentioned [but no action has been taken]. Is this what we want to use Ghana’s money for? That we waste our time on somebody’s Will being circulated on social media?” a livid Hopeson Adorye quizzed.

On the executors of the Will, the former New Patriotic Party (NPP) Parliamentary Candidate for the Kpone-Katamanso lamented the seeming targeting of Charles Owusu, one of the executors, for prosecution by the Special Prosecutor.

He charged Kissi Agyebeng to prosecute both executors while additionally cautioning him to desist from being ‘picky’ with issues he prosecutes.

“Two people are the executors of the Will, Special Prosecutor should take all of them to court. Why has he singled out one person for prosecution? I sent my petition and it hasn’t been acknowledged. Pick and choose cases? If he does that, we will take him on,” he said.

Sir John’s Will dominated the news following portions of it that detailed that portions of the Achimota Forest have been given to relatives and close associates.

Aside from that, the Will contained several other properties including houses and plots of land which were also willed to family and friends.

Following that the Special Prosecutor has frozen the assets while he continues with investigations into the matter.