Adwoa Sarfo’s Return-Adwoa Sarfo Set To Return To Ghana When This Happens; Shocking Details Dropped-CHECK.

The prodigal daughter, a name she has earned over the past few weeks has sat with her over her notoriety for absence from the parliamentary gathering. Adwoa Sarfo did not take a long leave to be away from parliament but rather, a personal decision to absent herself from these gatherings.

After confrontations, it has been revealed that she is taking care of her sick son. According to informations gathered today, she is set to return to Ghana in no time when the condition of her son is much better. She has alleged that her son is getting better and this gives people hope that she will return sooner.

That is also because she had promised her people that if he son is well, she will come back to help them or continue her job like she always has. Her comeback is one of the most anticipated since people are curious about what punishment could be appropriately meted out for her.


Source: Operanews