Edina Abee residence rendered homeless as floods collapse houses

Residents at Edina Abee, a farming community near the Ankaful Prisons Command in the Komenda Edina Eguafo Abirem Municipality of the Central Region, have been rendered homeless when a river in the community, River Surowi, overflowed and pulled over a thousand houses down over the weekend after a heavy downpour.

The residents were thrown into a state of mourning as all their properties, including electrical appliances, stuffed chairs, mattresses, certificates, and uniforms, including some of the prison officers living in the area, had all been swept away by the flood waters.

According to the residents, they were at home when they heard a noise of rushing water approaching the town, and after a few minutes, the flood took over the whole town, pulled their houses down, and made away with all their properties.

They then appealed to their Member of Parliament Samuel Atta Mills, their District Chief Executive, National Disaster Management Organization, philanthropists, and every individual to come to their aid.