FIFA Expects All Countries To Come Into The World Cup With Twenty-Three (23) Players.

The World Cup being different from other tournaments has strict rules regarding players participating in the tournament and failure to comply with those rules can get you banned. The governing body has come out with the expected number of layers that every country is expected to bring which has been voiced by GFA spokesperson in the names of Mr. Henry Asante Twum.

In an interview, this is what he said,”The next game we are going to play against Angola is in September and after that, they have to name the squad they are going to use to camp in preparation for the World Cup, It can be 23, it can be 24 or 25 depending on their situation. But FIFA has reverted to 23 players for the World Cup. Meaning there would be three goalkeepers and 18 outfield players. Depending on the decision of the technical team, I don’t know if they will name 3 or 4 or 5 goalkeepers but at the end of the day, they have to settle on 3. So far we have seen the capabilities of all the goalkeepers. We have seen Wollacott, we know Atizigi, we know Manaf Nurudeen, we know Richard Ofori, we know Danlad Ibrahim and we know Razak but the only goalkeeper they have called and not yet used him is Richard Atta and I don’t know if they will call him again.”

He then added “But like I said, the door is open to any goalkeeper from now to October to show his quality and prove that he has what it takes to make it in the squad. I believe that the technical team will be fair and open doors to any goalkeeper that will show such quality.”