Mature Things To Do When A Girl You Love Rejects You


Five things to do when the girl you love rejects you:

1. Accept it with grace, there is absolutely no way you can change someone’s mind, unless she changes it herself.

2. Be glad that you got rejected early. The earlier you get rejected, the easier it would be for you to move on.

3. Delete her Number, unfollow her on social media, try to keep her out of your system at least for a few months, make sure, nothing would remind you of her. You may also try to listening to songs.

4. Focus on yourself more, for e.g. either pursue your hobby or hit gym. Work towards your goal, remember one thing : No one is going to listen to your story if you don’t achieve your goals, so better realize it now. If you start working on your goals even in this situation, a time would come when you will look back upon these days and you would be feeling proud of yourself that you didn’t get distracted from your goals and trust me, this would be one of the best feelings you would ever experience.

5. Try spending more time with Family and your closed Friends. Don’t talk it out with your friends unless you are 100% sure that they won’t make fun of you.

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