Truck carrying tomatoes runs into multiple cars, overturn at Alajo Traffic Light

Truck fails brake

Tomatoe bound for Makola Market scattered on Alajo Road

Injuries in Alajo Traffic accident not confirmed

A truck carrying about 60 boxes of tomatoes and heading towards the Central Business District of Accra has crashed at the Alajo Traffic Light.

According to reports, the accident occurred at about 4:35 am this morning when the truck bound for the Makola Market failed its breaks and crashed into several vehicles.

“The brakes failed when the truck got to Alajo Junction. It ended up crashing into other vehicles in front of it. The commercial drivers who realised the situation started blowing their horns to alert other drivers,” Jacob Kubi reported on UTV.

The truck eventually overturned and had the cargo pouring out on the road.

The situation has led to a bit of unusual traffic on the stretch, as pictures and videos from the scene show the Kia Rhino truck lying sideways on portions of the road.

However, it is yet to be confirmed whether any casualties were recorded as a result of the accident.