Barbaric:Man Kills Pregnant Woman;Removes Baby And Throws Away Then Surrenders To Police-CHECK DETAILS.

A barbaric and rare news emanating from Tepa-Atobra in the Ashanti Region have it that, an angry man has killed a pregnant woman, removed the baby and thrown it away into the Bush. The biological sister of the pregnant woman who tried to raise an alarm was also killed instantly by the man. That brought the number of people killed to 3 ( including the baby).

After the wicked act, the murderer went straight to the Police station to report himself and was subsequently detained.

Explaining the genesis of the whole story, the suspect called Gabriel reportedly had a misunderstanding with the pregnant woman’s husband called Elijah. The woman allegedly insulted the murderer during the quarrel.

Out of anger, the murderer followed Elijah to the Bush in attempt to kill him. After unsuccessful attempt, he went straight to the house to vent his anger on the pregnant woman. He butchered her to death. He then wickedly slashed her stomach, removed the baby and threw it away. The sister of the pregnant woman who couldn’t stand the gory scene attempted to shout for help. The Murderer pounced on her and killed her too.

When indigens heard the news, they attempted to retaliate. The Murderer then ran quickly to the Police station and surrendered. The bodies were taken to the Tepa General Hospital mortuary while the Police is processing the Murderer for the court.


Source:Pen Sounds