Let’s use our pulpits to encourage our members to register with SSNIT- Rev. Opuni

Former General Secretary of the Christian Council of Ghana, Rev. Dr. Kwabena Opuni Frimpong, has commended the Social Security and National Insurance Trust for engaging with the Christian community to find ways of expanding and deepening coverage of the Basic National Social Security Scheme for self-employed workers.

He said the exercise was positive since it will extend coverage to informal sector workers.

He was optimistic that the move would not only increase the scheme’s active membership and contributor base but also ensure that every worker in Ghana enjoys social protection.

He charged reverend ministers to use their pulpits to preach about SSNIT and the benefits to help reduce poverty.

He urged every Ghanaian worker to register with SSNIT so they would have insurance for the future.

He noted retiring without any social protection will be dangerous since such an individual will be a burden to family and friends.

He said, “it would be unwise and dangerous not to register with SSNIT. Registering with SSNIT, whether you are in the formal or informal sector, gives you some level of insurance after you retire from active work. As a church, we have a duty to use our pulpits to encourage our members to register with SSNIT. This will help reduce poverty and over-dependence on family relations and friends during old age.”

He was speaking at a stakeholder’s engagement organized by SSNIT recently.