Video of broken-hearted man sitting in a rain causes stir online

A gentleman has been captured in a video that is fast going viral sitting in the rain after suffering from a broken heart.

Men rarely get their hearts broken by women but when it happens, it’s a very serious one indeed which can even lead them to do the unthinkable.


broken-hearted man sitting in a rain
Video of broken-hearted man sitting in a rain surfaces online [Watch ]

Broken heart has led some men to become depressed, drunkards, paranoid, and even harder for some to commit suicide .

This happens when the man invests so much in the woman that they love and later gets disappointed by this same woman.


His neighbour recorded the moment the man was sitting outside while rain was falling heavily, and he had a big bottle of gin beside him.

A gentleman whose heart was broken has been spotted sitting in the rain bare bodied and brooding over a personal issue.

He looked really sad and heartbroken, though its reason for his mood was not disclosed.

The young man changed positions occasionally as he got lost in thought. He could also be seen gulping the dry gin.

Watch the video below :