Korle Bu Hospital Is The Biggest in West Africa, Look At It Now- A Plus Reveals A Flooded Korle Bu

How can the biggest hospital in West Africa be in this state. Are we always going to ignore the things that matters the most and focus on things that do not directly affect ourselves? There is this viral video posted and circulating on social media at the moment, and it shows how the biggest hospital in Ghana has been flooded and the roofing has been destroyed.

This video was uploaded onto Facebook through Kwame Asare Obeng Facebook platform known as A Plus. A Plus posted this video of the poor state of the Korle Bu teaching Hospital to Ghanaians because he still doesn’t understand why the leaders of this nation will focus on things that do not positively affect our lives but ignore things that matters the most.

Per the viral video, it was heavily raining and the whole unit of the Endoscopy Unit at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital was flooded.

And one thing that was revealed was that, the roofing was also damaged and the rain was entering the building through that.

Patients were wandering about and some continuously raised their legs to avoid the water in the building.

A Plus on his Facebook platform posted this video and also wrote certain things about the hospital. From him, the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital is biggest in Ghana and so it is in the whole of West Africa. And it’s even the third biggest in Africa but it is currently in a bad state.

Below is the link to the video posted by A Plus on his Facebook platform.