The Council of State is playing hide and Seek with me. Manasseh Azure explains.

Manasseh Azure is a seasoned journalists. He has explained how the council of state is playing hide and seek with him upon the request of some information from them.

Azure said “Two weeks ago, I requested information from the Council of State, the state institution that holds the record of granting the fastest information request under the Right to Information Act. The Council of State gave the same or similar information to Paul Adom-Otchere on June 7 for his show before he even requested it. Paul applied for the documents on June 8 and had them on June 9 for the second show he had on Togbe Afede XIV.”

He explained that when he visited their office for the information he requested, he was tossed around from one office to another. They later told him to go and come another time because their boss is not around. He then requested for the office line of the council of state and the secretary told him they don’t have one. Share your thoughts in the comments box below.