It Is Not True: I Cannot Believe Such Lies From The Finance Minister – Jonny Hughes Boldly Speaks.

The Finance Minister Ken Ofori Atta appeared in Parliament yesterday to give vivid account as to how Covid – 19 fund was used by the sitting Government. The account which was given by Ken Ofori Atta is now raising a lot of concerns from Ghanaians.

Jonny Hughes speaking or reacting to the account on Covid 19 fund, sends a bold message to Honorable Ken Ofori Atta. Jonny Hughes made his words known when he was talking on TV 3 this morning. According to Jonny Hughes, all politicians spreading the news that NPP Government provided free water and electricity for Ghanaians, it not true.

Jonny Hughes is of the view that, since the Finance Minister provided a sum of money to cater for free water bills and electricity in 2020, then the Government did not provide it for free, rather it is resources of Ghanaians which was used for that purpose. Jonny Hughes stated that, he cannot believe those lies that Nana Addo Government provided free water and electricity bills to Ghanaians during the era of Covid 19.