‘I’m not feeling’ Akufo-Addo’s leadership now – Kwame Jantuah

Ghana needs a leader now more than ever – Kwame Jantuah

Akufo-Addo must talk to Ghanaians and give them hope – Jantuah

Ghanaian traders increase prices too much – Kwame Jantuah

Chairman of the Political Committee of the Conventions Peoples Party (CPP), has bemoaned the failure of President Akufo-Addo to provide leadership for Ghanaians amidst the current hardships the country is facing.

According to Kwame Jantuah, the leadership of the president is needed now more than ever, but Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo is nowhere to be found.

Speaking on TV3’s ‘The Big Issue’ show, monitored by GhanaWeb, Jantuah added that Akufo-Addo must talk to Ghanaians directly and give them hope and direction.

“… I’m not feeling the president. I thought in times like this, this austere time, he will be able to bring us together by talking to us, by giving us directions, not leaving it to his appointees.

“When was the last time we heard from the president? The challenges that we are having today, people are pointing fingers at him because he is the leader. When you have a leader, the leader should talk to the people.

“It is not a partisan politics thing. I don’t think in this austere time we should play party politics. In this austere time, we should give people hope and confidence and I’m not feeling it,” he noted.

Also, Jantuah said that some Ghanaians are contributing to the current hardship in the country by monstrously increasing the prices of commodities.

“The two main things that are creating the challenges that we are going through; fuel and food… (suppliers) buy a basket of tomatoes at a certain price (at farm gates), when it comes to the market, the price is so astronomical… The authorities (regulators) must work on this with us,” he noted.

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