Sleep with relatives when rain starts – Minister to flood-prone area residents

Western Regional Minister Kwabena Okyere Darko-Mensah has advised residents in flood-prone areas on the best way to deal with floods.

Parts of the Western Region, Takoradi got flooded after a heavy downpour.

Videos and photos available on social media portrayed a very gloomy situation in the Western Region.

Vehicles that tried to force their way through the flood and houses were submerged as a result of the rain.

But after inspecting the extent of damage caused by the floods, Western Regional Minister indicated that it is imperative that people who live in flood-prone areas always have a plan B when the rains start.

He said “those who stay in areas that are flood-prone, they should always have a plan B. When it starts raining you should move to your sister or your brother or something for a week or two so that when the rain subsides, you come back home”.

Meanwhile, the Minister has blamed the recent flood on engineering issues.

“We’ve come to realise that there are some sinks in this area and over time the lands have been sold and permits have been given by the Assembly for people to build on.

“But looking at the situation so far, it is an engineering problem and the engineers will have to come and get us some huge storm drains so that rain water will be able to be transferred from uphill to downhill into the Whin River,” he told journalists on Wednesday.