VIDEO: Man Caught His Wife Sleeping With Another Man On Their Matrimonial Bed

One of the most painful things in this world is to see that the person you love so much is in love with another person. A young man has caught his wife in bed with another man and he is so much heartbroken that he didn’t even know what to tell the wife. According to the husband, he was at the site working when their daughter’s school authority called him that it is past 3:00 pm but no one has come for their daughter.

The husband then left the work he is doing and went to pick up the kid. Upon his arrival in the house with the daughter, he caught his wife having fun with a young man on their matrimonial bed. The husband said this to the wife, “So this is what you have been doing anytime I go to work. You have been sleeping with men in my own house. You are such as ungrateful woman, what haven’t I done for you. You forgot to pick up our daughter at school. You will leave this house today, I cannot stand this shame”.

The man who slept with the woman was seen begging the husband to forgive. According to the wife, the man came into their house to fix their spoilt toilet and nothing else. The husband then asked the wife whether the toilet is on their bed. You can see that the wife and guy were trying to frame a lie to cover up for what they did but their statements don’t make sense.

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