Bawumia “Mobbed” By Trainee Students As He Stormed Kyebi

Today, the Vice President is at the Okyenhene’s palace in Kyebi to join the people celebrate the Ohum Festival. On his way, he made it a point to pass by the Kyebi Presby College of Education. And this is what ensued over there, per this narration of a staffer at the office of the Vice President.

“Kyebi Presby College of Education trainees mobbed Dr. Bawumia this morning to thank him for the major role he played in the restoration of the Teacher Trainee allowance which has relieved them of their economic plight. A cardinal part of the knowledge economy”

Tap to watch the video.

Many people are speculating that this is a calculated attempt by the Office of the President machinery and the party executive to capitalize on the incumbency power of Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia to appeal to the conscience and hearts of Ghanaians that Bawumia is the right and better candidate than Alan.