KMA To Use ICT In Managing Transport Activities

The Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) Transport Department is accessing ways of conveying a product application to oversee transport exercises in and around the City Market Complex.

Considering this, the specialists are connecting up with ShrinQ, an Information Technology (IT) center, to assist with controlling the exit and section of vehicles inside the regions of the market complex.

Mr. Samuel Pyne, the City Mayor, said an understanding for a full rollout regarding the plan would be agreed upon soon enough.

The move is in accordance with the Smart City/Office Project, which picked the vehicle area as one of its implementing regions.

Mr. Pyne, who was tending to the principal standard gathering of the third meeting of the Eight Assembly, in Kumasi, expressed that up until this point, the Project had prompted the get-together and contribution of around 80% of information on all transport exercises in the city.

This is as far as drivers, vehicles, and all intra-city (trotro) and taxi stations.

The data set had been utilized to give transport working stickers to around 5,000 business vehicles in the city, the Mayor, said, adding that an application and a site page had been created to continually give transport information from the field.

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Firmly connected with this is the ‘TransInfoMap’ Project, which is being upheld by the Ghana Investment Fund for Electronic Communication (GIFEC).

“The aim is to make the KMA Transport Department a model in Ghana by leveraging on modern Information and Communications Technology (ICT) techniques to help employees work smarter, better, and faster,” Mr. Pyne observed.