Skare D3m releases ‘Money’

Skare D3m, a female musician who hails from Kwahu in the Eastern Region has released a single titled ‘Money’.

The youngster, who identifies as a Dancehall musician, rides on a mid-tempo instrumental to communicate a message about how essential it is for one to have wealth. Among others, she highlights the comfort money comes with, juxtaposing it with how unpleasant life could be without money in one’s pocket.

She emphasizes the extent people go to acquire wealth in order to be comfortable in life.

“When you have money, happiness increases. What else is more important than money? I know you will say ‘humans’ but as a man, if you don’t have money, how do you enjoy life? That’s why everybody is searching for money,” she sings.

Skare D3m is signed to MST Records and has been with the label since 2021. Prior to the release of ‘Money’, the June 18 born had her first single featured on Streetcode101.