Jackie Appiah subtly responds to critics on her case to disclose her source of wealth

Fine and beautiful Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah has come under severe criticism in the past few days after a video of her plush mansion was shared on social media.

Apparently, Nigerian actress Luchy Donalds, shared the first video online after she paid a visit to her Ghanaian colleague and was stunned by the luxury she saw in her house.

Luchy could not help by shout with open-mouthed surprise as she filmed herself taking a tour of the house owned by Jackie.

The viral video, moments after it was uploaded garnered massive reactions.

As a few were happy to see the actress living in such luxury, the majority on the internet questioned her (Jackie Appiah’s) source of wealth.

The conversation about Jackie’s source of wealth has been going on for days.

Many have wondered whether the actress built the mansion from funds accrued from her acting career over the years.

Others hold the belief that the actress, per the mansion put up, has unknown people sponsoring her with money after opening her legs for them.

Jackie Appiah is known not to respond to critics and controversies surrounding her. It has been her tradition, unlike other known celebrities who are quick to respond to allegations.

But the Ghanaian actress, in a subtle course, has responded to critics calling her to come out to state her source of wealth following the video of her magnificent house.

Commenting under a post of Prince David Osei that sought to address the same issue with a strong defence for his colleague against trolls, Jackie Appiah didn’t say much, she only expressed her love to all.

She wrote; “Love you all”.

In another Instagram post of her still in the wake of the mansion brouhaha, the award-winning rich actress made same remarks. She said; “I love you all to the moon and back, and all the way down the railroad track”.