FLASHBACK: I saw a python penetrating a lady – Morris Babyface recounts harrowing revelation

In May 2021, Morris Babyface, one of Ghana’s revered music producers, took his turn on ‘Restoration With Stacy’ and narrated a revelation he had about the end time.

Morris who disclosed he was a womanizer until he met Christ said the dream was scary. According to him, there is life after death hence, people should be guided and give their lives to Christ so their souls would not perish.

His sins were like scarlet; red like crimson. He could have sex with four women in a day and the thought of going to hell made him decide to seek God and rededicate himself. Morris Babyface, a renowned music producer in a recent interview on ‘Restoration With Stacy’ took viewers through his journey to becoming a repented soul as he acknowledged the role of rapper-turned-pastor Lazzy Dogg in that regard.

According to Morris Babyface, Lazzy Dogg took him to a pastor and although he had been to several pastors, that encounter was the turning point.

“I was skeptical because I knew a lot of pastors and what they did secretly. Some were drunkards and womanizers. But I heard a voice that I should give it a try,” he said. “When we got there, the pastor, Bishop Emmanuel Amoah looked at me, smiled, and said ‘God brought you here’. He told me a lot about salvation. I was there with one of my friends called Kofi. While leaving, we discussed the pastor and said he appears to be genuine.”

“I got home, prayed, and told God to show me the way and went to bed,” he continued. “I had a dream that night. The following day, my friend came to my house and said he had a dream. When he told me about the dream, I realised it was the same dream I had so that meant it was a confirmation that we went to a good church.”

Aside from this encounter, Morris Babyface said he had a revelation that got him scared; this time, it was how hell looked like.

“I saw so many people including pastors and musicians. I noticed what they did while on earth was around them and they faced the consequences. The blood, the stench made the place disgusting,” Morris Babyface narrated.

“There’s a place for murders, promiscuous persons, drunkards… There was this lady who died a prostitute. I saw a python with blades all over its body forcefully penetrating the lady and even though she wailed, the python kept on penetrating her. For drunkards, they were given a substance that looked like acid. You have no option but to drink it. People were being tortured, there were swords all over the floor piercing the feet of sinners.

“Pastors who while on earth claimed to be from God had hooks placed in their tongues; they were burning.”


Source : Ghanaweb