Gyimii, aboa!- Captain Smart brutally insults Pastor Love on live TV (Video)

Captain Smart has angrily landed heavily on Pastor Love on live TV over his former wife’s (Obaapa Christy) rape issue that got Ghanaians talking many years ago.

The angry Captain Smart without mincing words insulted Pastor Love for not being able to keep the rape incident of his estranged wife a secret but publicly disclosed the information to disgrace her.

According to the presenter, what Pastor Love did was uncalled for, useless and sensless. Mr Smart believes that he (Mr Love) could have dealt with the issue like a man to save the ex-wife from public shame.

Smart made these remarks amid heaping insults on Pastor Love while addressing the Joyce Blessing’s drinking video that made headlines across major news portals.

Watch the video below:

In the heat of the rape conversation about 2 years ago, one Manasseh claiming to be a prophet made a shocking allegation against Pastor Love, the ex-husband of Obaapa Christy.

According to the man who spoke on “The Seat” on Net2 TV, Obaapa Christy left her marriage with Pastor Love after he hired 4 men to rape her.

Prophet Manasseh revealed that Pastor Love had met a young lady from Italy and wanted to marry her but first he needed a divorce from Obaapa Christy (Christiana Love at the time)

So to get his wishes, he hired 4 macho men to rape his wife to bring disgrace and shame to her which later facilitated the divorce.