I never pounded fufu for Sarkodie – Strongman clarifies

Rapper, Strongman Burner, has finally opened up on the rumours that have refused to vanish from the internet that during his days under Sarkodie, he used to pound fufu and wash the cars of the most successful Ghanaian rapper.

After Strongman exited Sarkodie’s camp to become an independent rap artist, a lot of social media users alleged that he was been maltreated and even turned into a houseboy by Sarkodie.

One of the leading carriers of this false information was Ruthy of Nhyria FM who claimed on live radio that she has information beforehand that suggested Strongman was actually working as a part-time houseboy inside Sarkodie’s house

After this report went viral, a lot of Ghanaians mercilessly bashed Sarkodie almost destroying the career of the talented rapper.

Well, Sarkodie has been vindicated and it’s now that none of the fufu pounding and car washing allegations is true.

Speaking in an interview with DJ Reuben on Kumasi-based LUV FM, Strongman categorically stated that he never pounded fufu for Sarkodie nor did he wash any of his cars.

Strongman additionally disclosed Sarkodie treated him with the deepest respect and there’s no way he would have allowed him to wash his cars for him even of his own will.

The rapper dismissed all the rumours and ended his submissions by stating with emphasis that he left Sarkodie’s camp on a mutual agreement and there was no friction whatsoever.