KiDi to begin charging fees for features

Cost of living in Ghana unbearable, KiDi opines

Unfavorable economic conditions compel singer to take feature fees

KiDi reveals he took no money for past song features

The reigning artiste of the year at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, KiDi has revealed that he would begin to charge musicians who would want to feature him on a song.

According to KiDi, his decision is informed by the current unfavourable economic condition in the country.

Speaking as a guest on a Twitter Space with a media outlet, Ghana Weekend, KiDi explained that initially, he used not to charge for featuring on songs because he believed musicians should be able to help each other without putting a price on it. However, living in Ghana has become very expensive compelling him to look for other sources of revenue generation.

“You can ask all the artists who have featured me on their songs. I’ve never charged or taken a dime from them. I have never done that [before] but right now, how the economy is going, ‘asesa’ [things have changed],” he said.

The ‘Touch it’ crooner acknowledged that although he has never requested payment from any musician, as a result of copyright laws, he receives some money as royalties from the songs he’s featured on.

“The truth is, I haven’t taken money from any musician for a feature before as I mentioned earlier. You can ask all those I have done music with, but as Copyrights laws stipulate, I am entitled to a part of the revenues the songs accrue.”

Source : Ghanaweb