Sika duro and ashawo is the source of many people’s wealth – Bishop Ajagurajah reveals

The founder and leader of Ajagurajah Movement, Bishop Kwabena Asiamah aka Prophet Ajagurjah has reacted to the ongoing challenge of celebrities and normal Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok people showing off their heavy assets on the internet.

It has now become a trend for well-to-do people to choke the less financially privileged with their success on the internet by regularly posting their properties on the internet.

According to Bishop Ajagurajah who is a spiritual commando, most of our celebrities and stars are into deep sika duro and the ladies are also into big-time ashawo business but they lie to their followers that they worked hard to achieve their assets.

Speaking in a self-made video that has since taken over the internet, our celebrities and stars should give us a break from the “hard work” rhetorics because Ghanaians are tired of the lame lies.

He additionally went on to challenge them to show us the so-called hard work they have been doing because we all know the hard workers in the country can’t even afford a decent meal not to talk about cars and houses.

Bishop Ajagurjah who appears to know more about the dirty dealings of these our “rich people” alleged that some even travel to Senegal and Benin to spiritually fortify themselves.

The ladies also go in for “command charms” to control and charge the rich men they date to build mansions and buy cars for them.

Watch the video below to know more…


In a world where the poor are also mocked and ridiculed, people will do anything to get to the top of the ladder to escape humiliation. We can’t blame them much though because poverty is like being punished for a crime you didn’t commit.