10 Best Travel Agent Training Online for Free in 2022

Travel agents help to streamline the planning and booking process, booking the perfect trip in a fraction of the time. So you see, this job is quite an interesting one. It is home-based work for you.

Hence, if you are enticed by the job description and you want to study in order to become a travel agent, then you are just in the right place.

Here, you will not only find the best online travel agent training courses for free, but you will also find the traditional path of studying the program.

Why Does Travel Agent Training Matter?

It will surprise you to learn that there is no travel agent exam to pass or a degree to sell a trip. It is true. Nothing Better yet? You also don’t need a degree or certification.

What exactly does it take to sell travel? Travel agent accreditation.

Beyond that, the only thing you need to sell a trip is the ability to book a trip.

It sounds simple, but there is more to booking a trip. Think of it this way: The average traveler spends over 20 hours browsing travel sites before booking a trip. Your job as a travel agent is to significantly streamline the planning and booking process, reserving the perfect trip in a fraction of the time.

This is where training and education opportunities for travel agents come into play. They offer programs that cover all aspects of the industry, from increasing customer numbers to marketing, booking, destination development and product expertise, and more.

Why take Free Travel Agent Training Online?

Do you like to travel? Do you like to plan trips for yourself and for others?

Would you like to be paid for a few hours of work, with the possibility of traveling the world at a reduced price?

So, this is an excellent reason to study and become a travel agent.

Becoming a travel agent seems like an easy and fun way to make a living. You can now be an online travel agent in your spare time and earn commissions on your personal computer. Receive payments to plan trips for others. And travel! Travel! Travel!

Becoming a travel agent is a professional business. You don’t become one because you pay someone a fee.

You also don’t become an online travel agent just because you have a laptop at home and sign a form with a company, which says you can sell travel.

Certainly, anyone with basic computer skills can book a plane ticket, rent a car, or confirm a hotel room.

But the actual jobs of online travel agents are done by experienced agents who may choose to work from home, but who are affiliated with legitimate and reputable travel agencies, properly staffed and credentialed, and experienced financial support, and regulatory approval.

Most have worked in the travel agent industry for years, or come from another segment of the travel industry and have an experienced passion and knowledge of the resources of the global travel industry.

Being a travel agent is hard work, long hours, and [often] low wages.

What are the Benefits of Taking Travel Agent Training Online?

Wondering if there are benefits involved in taking travel agent training online? Well, the answer is yes. Basically, you stand to gain a lot of things when you take online courses.

As mentioned above, travel and tourism is an extremely safe and relevant sector in which to start a career highlight the benefits of studying the subject. Many of the skills and competencies required to move up the career ladder require extensive work experience.

However, the most notable careers in travel and tourism still rest on solid educational foundations. Here you will also find a lot of free online travel agent and tourism training courses.

How Can I Become a Travel Agent Online for Free?

An online travel agent is a career at home and is packed with benefits for those who love to travel. Online travel agents sell travel deals and packages to customers over the Internet on their own websites.

The career is ideal for those who want to work on the go while working in the comfort of their home. Interested individuals can receive free training on various websites that will provide them with all the information they will need to become online travel agents.

How Can i promote myself as a Travel Agent


There are about seven ways to gain new leads as a travel agent in 2022. They are listed as follows.

  • Brand yourself as a professional travel agent.
  • Look out for and reward those who refer you.
  • Never fear booking complicated trips for your clients.
  • Make your social media handles your new abode. That’s where you get a lot of engagements.
  • Distinguish your brand and be logical.
  • Spread your tentacles in seeking knowledge and enhance your credentials.
  • Connect with a host travel agency.

What is the Best Online Travel Agent Training Programs for Free?

Have you ever tried booking a flight online on your own and encountered difficulties? Or you arrived in a new country for the first time and can’t find your way around there.

Especially when the country is not an English-speaking country. If you have been in this situation, you are not alone. The fact is, at this point that is when you need a travel agent.

These travel agents are excellent because they far to receive training in order to come out the best.

Online Travel Agent Training for free (ed2go.com)

Travel and tourism together make up one of the largest industries in the world. While some travelers book their own trips, travel agents still play a role in luxury, corporate, and group travel. With a growing industry, there has never been a better time to train to become a travel agent.

This online course will prepare you to work in the rapidly changing travel industry. You will gain a deep understanding of travel and tourism so you can help customers find, plan, and book their trips.


Becoming a Travel Advisor – A Great Career Choice (asta.digitalchalk.com)

This entertaining and educational introductory course will teach you about the travel industry and the details to start your fulfilling career as a professional travel consultant.

Becoming a travel consultant requires dedication, travel experience, and excellent interpersonal skills. This course will provide you with a wealth of information about the travel agency industry, and specific information to help you start your career as a travel consultant.


Ethics for Travel Advisors (asta.digitalchalk.com)

To improve their understanding, the ethics course uses concrete examples to illustrate the key principles that guide the behavior of our members.

After all, the way ASTA members conduct their business is one way to deliver greater value to their customers. And that’s what finally sets our members apart and sets the standard – from the rest of the travel industry.


How To Become A Travel Agent Training Programs (thetravelinstitute.com)

All our congratulations! You have decided to become a travel agent, or perhaps you are interested in exploring the possibilities of this exciting career choice. You want to know how to become a travel agent and you’ve come to the right place.

The Travel Institute has been preparing people for a prosperous future in the travel industry for over 50 years. It is our specialty!


Travel Industry Certification Programs (thetravelinstitute.com)

These are not just “letters after your name”, it is a statement about who you are and the commitment you have made in your career.

Clients love doing business with a recognized professional and having got a CTA, CTC, or CTIE will let them know that you are serious about what you do.


Travel Introductory Program: TRIPKIT℠ (thetravelinstitute.com)

The TRIPKIT program is designed to provide you with a solid foundation in the critical areas that all travel professionals must have in order to succeed in this rapidly changing industry. The learning experience is deep, at your own pace, and delivered in an engaging blended learning format.

Their blended learning experience uses textbooks, workbooks, and a great online component to engage students and focus on real and real experiences. This in-depth, self-paced course is accessible at any time to suit your schedule and start your travel career.


Certified Travel Associate Program (thetravelinstitute.com)

Are you looking to increase your sales, increase your value for customers, improve your efficiency, become more marketable and, of course, earn more?

The new CTA® Certified Travel Associate course from the Travel Institute gives you the tools and knowledge to do all of these things and more.