Best Online Tools For Writers

Every writer is in an effort to produce creative ideas to intrigue their audience, to be able to also make few errors in their writings and of course manage their time more efficiently.

There are over two billion tools available, all of which claim to help you write better. But which of these will actually have an impact? Which ones are truly worthy of your time, consideration, and money?

Below are some best online tools to help writers come out in their best creative sense.

Best Online Tools For Writers

  • Good for Brainstorming:


Making sense of your early ideas can sometimes be the most difficult element of writing. Scrapple makes it easier to write down all of your ideas and make connections between them visually.

It works well for creating mind maps and keeping track of your ideas as you come up with original ideas. For creative types and visual thinkers who want a little assistance with planning and organization, the adaptable interface is very beneficial.

Scapple is free to use for 30 “active” days only, which are the days that you actually checked in, not the 30 days that pass after you join up. After that, you may keep using the tool with a normal license for a very affordable one-time cost.

  • Best for Proofreading:


No matter how long you’ve been writing, days or decades, the second set of eyes is always beneficial. Grammarly, which bills itself as “a free writing helper,” will edit any form of text.

Grammarly will not only point out any spelling or grammar errors, but it will also let you know if you’ve omitted a word or are using the wrong article.

Its adaptability is another bonus; if you don’t like (or are unable to install) the browser extension, you can visit the Grammarly website and choose the standalone online grammar checker.

Grammarly offers a free basic plan, but if you want additional in-depth checks on punctuation, context, grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure, you may subscribe to one of the premium plans. The two premium plans do, however, have quite high monthly costs.

  • Hemingway App: Best for Writing Improvement

Every competent writer requires a superb editor, regardless of how many times they proofread their own work.

For busy content writers with tough deadlines—which is pretty much all of us, all the time—the Hemingway online editing tool is very useful. Simply copy and paste your work into the Hemingway website’s box, and the tool will point out typical mistakes, difficult-to-understand phrases, and words that may be replaced with shorter substitutes.

This tool will also check your writing to make sure you’re not overusing the passive voice and will let you know if any passages are challenging to read. The Hemingway App is, in the end, a no-brainer.

This App is free to download and for a nominal one-time fee, you may also purchase a desktop application for Windows or Mac OS.

  • Best for Engaging Your Audience: Readability

As the name implies, Readable improves the readability of your writing.

Readable helps you write for your target audience by determining the educational level required to understand your writing. To see it quickly examined, simply copy and paste your copy into the “Score Test” tool.

This tool is not free however a risk-free trial is available to you. Paying subscribers pay a little monthly fee.

  • The Best for Collaboration is Google Docs

Google Docs is quickly replacing Microsoft Word and Apple’s Pages as the preferred word processor for content authors, despite the fact that these two programs are the most extensively used writing tools globally.

Why? It’s the finest tool for group writing projects, so there you go. You may monitor real-time updates as other users type in the document and provide comments on what they write, in addition to being able to access the same page from several devices.

What makes Google Docs the best? Because Google Drive is integrated, it makes it simple to exchange documents with your team.

This App is free.  But If you want limitless storage, though, you will have to pay.

  • The Best App for Staying on Task is StayFocusd

Writing may be difficult, and it’s simple to occasionally lose focus. The straightforward idea behind StayFocusd, a Google Chrome plugin, is to limit the amount of time you spend on time-wasting websites. By doing so, you’ll be able to reduce pointless distractions and boost your productivity.

Still, having trouble concentrating? View the top productivity applications for independent contractors.

The program may be tailored to your specific websites, subdomains, online games, and films that make it difficult for you to concentrate. You won’t be able to visit these websites for the remainder of the day after using up your allowed time. simple but powerful. This App is free to purchase.

Note: Above are some effective online tools to help you enhance your writing skills…