Focus modes on iOS 16: How to configure and use them

Apple’s focus mode helps users by reducing background noise and focusing on the job at hand. If you know how to set it up correctly, it can significantly increase productivity and is available on iOS, iPads, and Macs.

This is the procedure.

How to find focus

Since iOS 15, Focus is available in Control Center or by going to Settings>Focus.

In iOS 16, which is set to release this autumn, it will be able to suggest relevant Lock Screens for the Focus options you select, such as a data-rich Lock Screen for work.

Apple recommends the following four focus types:

  • Do Not Interrupt
  • Sleep,
  • Personal
  • Work
    Additionally, you can make brand-new focus groups for activities like driving, exercising, playing video games, practicing mindfulness, reading, and custom work.

Apple (in iOS 16) does offer Focus Mode suggestions that are made up of what your device deems to be pertinent apps and people inside that focus, but you can edit, replace, or make your own. However, selecting the Custom button is the best method to become familiar with the fundamentals of adjusting and managing Focus.

Creating a Custom Focus

Apple has crammed every Focus creation tool onto one incredibly crowded page. We’ll establish a Custom Focus in order to comprehend the controls on the website. Open Settings>Focus and choose Custom to accomplish this. You can choose a color and an icon for that Focus as well as give it a name on the following screen. Then select Next.

You will now see a long page with your test Focus’ name and icon at the top of it. The page has the following sections:

With iOS 16, you can now specify which users and applications you want to keep sending you alerts.

  • You may choose who to allow by tapping People, and you can add more people by tapping the Add button.
  • Touch Apps to choose your apps, then tap Add to laboriously add each one after going through all of them.


A button labeled Options will appear. Toggles for the following three methods of handling notifications while in the focus group you are creating appear when you tap this:

  • Show on Lock Screen: Instead of being displayed in the Notification Center, silent notifications will now be displayed on the lock screen.
  • When Focus is on, the Lock Screen is dimmed by this setting.
  • Hide Notification badges: Only the apps you approve will have notification badges displayed on their Home Screen app icons. In other words, when you are in the Focus zone, just the apps you want to use will function normally, and the rest will be muted until you leave.
    You should be able to create a Focus that works better for you using these extra tools.

3.Automatically start

Focuses may be intelligent enough to turn on when you enter a given location, at a specified time of day, or when you first open a particular app. On this screen, you have control over every option. Apple can also make use of what it refers to as “smart automation” to attempt and determine when to enable a focus using on-device intelligence. When you arrive or launch a specific work-related app, you can program your iPhone to automatically switch to Work Focus mode. You can also configure your device to go back to Personal Focus mode when you get home (no work apps are permitted).

4.Remove Focus
To erase the focus you’re working on right now or any other focus sets you no longer require, tap here.

5.Personalize Screens
To reduce the number of distractions from your goal, you can choose a Lock Screen face or pick a specific Home Page in this area. To choose an existing screen or create a new one from the Apple Lock Screen Gallery, tap Choose Lock Screen. Additionally, you can choose a pertinent Home page.

NB: From the Lock Screen, you may also attach a Lock Screen to a certain Focus. Simply hold down the screen you want to link to a focus mode on while swiping through the other screens, tapping the focus button, and choosing the mode you want to utilize. When it’s finished, press x.

6.Focusing Filters

Thanks to Apple’s new API, Focus Filters enable you to block distracting items in apps that support the functionality, including certain third-party apps as well as Apple apps like Calendar or Messages. You may pick particular Tab Groups to be accessible in Safari under Work Focus, for instance, or filter out all messages in Mail except those from the most important contacts.

Moreover, You can discover filters for Calendar, Mail, Messages, Safari, Dark and low-power modes under the Focus Filters area. Once iOS 16 is published, it’s anticipated that some third-party apps may include filters similar to these.