Install Only The Apps That You Need On Your Phone -Internet Safety Magazine Publisher, Rotimi Onadipe Advises Internet Users

Mr. Rotimi Onadipe, a writer for a web security magazine has advised mobile phone clients to erase all Apps that they don’t require on their cell phones to diminish their weaknesses in virtual entertainment addiction.

The publisher expressed this while conveying a talk on web security on July second, 2022.

In his introductory statements, Onadipe noticed that in our general public of today, the utilization of social media has turned into a need in our regular routines yet we should be aware of the risk it brings to our life when we introduce numerous social media apps on our telephones.

As indicated by Onadipe, numerous internet users introduce many social media apps as could reasonably be expected on their cell phones and they become dependent on these Apps in light of the fact that they need to answer messages, post or offer any moving story or video they see when they are on those web-based entertainment stages.

“This is one of the major reasons why many people spend several hours on social media and they ignore or postpone important meetings, programs, and projects that can add value to their lives because they want to know what is happening in all the social media Apps they have on their phones.”

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“Social media addiction is dangerous and destructive. Don’t be a victim, check all the Apps on your phone, delete the ones that are not useful to you and leave only those that are useful. This is a very good way to reduce your vulnerability to social media addiction which is a global challenge of today’s technology age,” he added.