Local School Implements Internet Safety Program For Students

Ivy International School, in Ashiyie Adenta, Accra, is attempting to guard students while guaranteeing they benefit from the abundance of information on the Internet.

Established in September 2014, the school accepts students from 2 years up to the furthest limit of IGCSE at 16. It offers a balanced educational program lined up with the British National Curriculum and Cambridge International Examinations programs.

The new internet safety program has been initiated by UK educator, Principal Michelle Amoah, who is of the view that a major piece of any kid’s educational experience ought to figure out how to interpret counterfeit from legitimate information, to remain safe on the web.

Principal Michelle Amoah explains:

“Improving access to reading and exposure to educational opportunities in the classroom is vital to develop students’ skill of independent learning while helping them develop reading proficiency. When looking for information, students would normally revert to Google. Yet, Google doesn’t always present credible information in a child-friendly format, and students may find lots of things parents and teachers would rather they were not exposed to. Students may therefore struggle to decipher what is quality information and what is not.”

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Until students figure out how to separate reality from assessment or fiction, Ivy International School has put resources into utilizing the authentic data source, Britannica Digital. “There is of course Wikipedia but it’s not accessible to younger learners and not always accurate,” explains Amoah.

A ton the school’s students with Ghanaian legacy have connections with loved ones in different nations, so it’s significant they find out about their history. The school is accomplishing this through inventive ideas. For instance, one class went out traveling to Zambia – virtually! Tapping on a guide of Zambia the class focused on their Class Teacher’s old neighborhood prior to taking a look at Ivy International School quite a while back.

Amoah adds, “another benefit of using trusted content like Britannica is that it provides the students with the same information at different reading levels. So, while two children might be looking at the same topic, one may be finding out about it through text at a lower reading level.”

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“I noticed one of our students with learning needs using the ‘read aloud’ feature which provides audio of the written text. He can read but he was enjoying the learning experience and absorbing the information; I was happy!”

The day-to-day routine of the students at Ivy International School and how they associate via the internet will keep on developing yet guardians presently realize they’ll continuously be protected, getting to verifiable, sound data.