Oraimo Ranks No.1 Smart Watch Brand In Africa

Oraimo has become the top-selling smart watch in Africa, according to Canalys estimates (sell-in shipments) Wearable band Analysis, May 2022. Their smart watch has dominated over brands like Apple, and other smart watch brands like Xiaomi, Samsung and Fitbit.

Founded in May 2013, oraimo is a household name and has been for years. It reaches almost every part of the world with its products and services. It has 100,000+ retail stores worldwide and also the NO. 1 TWS brand in Africa, focused on innovation and exploring. This brand provides watches with some ultra-features and, it’s a budget-friendly brand.

With the introduction of the Watch 2 Pro, oraimo has pushed its smartwatch brand further forward. Of course, this brand is at the top of the best smartwatch brands in Africa. oraimo dominates the technology market in many areas, and when it comes to their smartwatch lines, these watches include fitness tracking ability, health-data, water resistant and other integrations. Currently, their newest model is the oraimo Watch 2 Pro.

The Watch 2 Pro has received a major update with a host of handy features ranging from heart rate tracking, step count, and fitness tracking to a more advanced feature like answering phone calls on the smartwatch, and an integration of notifications from your smartphone. Where oraimo pushes things, further forward is in the design. The virtual display is brighter and more colourful, a larger display area making it easier to control the watch at a touch.

The most advanced smartwatch oraimo has ever produced. The oraimo Watch 2 Pro is the first and only oraimo smartwatch that comes with a Bluetooth calling feature. The smart watch allows you to make and receive calls independent of your phone. The beautifully designed device allows you to use the same number and contacts plan as your phone to make and receive the calls, messages and other notifications.

The oraimo Watch 2 Pro includes a speaker and microphone for managing phone calls straight from your wrist. It has been noted that the speakers are very high quality, and you may find it more user friendly. The watch comes with a dial pad functionality that allows you to directly dial numbers on the watch without using your phone.

This watch is sleek and easy to wear, with a smooth-flush aluminium case and a soft-friendly strap. The Watch 2 Pro can track a variety of sports with 120+ training modes, including running, cycling, and swimming, and it is water resistant to IP68 standards, and with a battery life of up to 7 days, you can travel without worrying about running out of power. It even tracks your blood oxygen saturation, and you can maintain track of it overnight using sleep tracking to see whether you’re getting enough good sleep. You can utilize the built-in pressure management to track and manage your pressure while on the road. The data will be synchronized with the oraimo health app, so you can keep track of your health status at any time.

The smartwatch age has been here for a while, and the plethora of options available to fit every wrist and requirement imaginable makes it difficult to find the right one for you. It’s 2022, and if your watch isn’t monitoring your steps at the very least, it belongs in a museum. Of course, any excellent smartwatch will do far more than step counting. And while you may not think you need yet another screen in your life, it’s worth reconsidering oraimo Watch 2 Pro because the right smartwatch can help you reduce your overall daily screen time by streamlining the key information you need.